Unlock Your Full Potential and Achieve Your Fitness Goals with an Expert Personal Trainer at The Holistic Move

Personal Training with purpose in Toronto’s Yorkville Neighbourhood 

Registered Massage Therapy with purpose in Toronto’s Yorkville Neighbourhood

Because optimizing your body’s wellness does not happen by chance..it happens by experiencing a tailored treatment with an expert Toronto Registered Massage Therapist (RMT).

Is Personal Training with the Holistic Move right for you?

Are you struggling to achieve your fitness goals on your own?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the countless workout options and conflicting information?

Are you lacking motivation and accountability in your fitness routine?

Do you want to maximize your workouts and optimize your results?

Are you tired of seeing minimal progress despite your efforts?

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level with personalized guidance?

Do you wish to improve your strength, endurance, and overall athletic performance?

Are you looking for a comprehensive fitness program tailored to your needs and help reach your goals?

The quality of your health rests in your hands.
Let’s begin a plan today to improve yours.

5 Benefits of getting Personal Training 

Personalized workout plans designed to target your specific goals

Coaching and support from an expert in the industry 

Motivation and accountability to keep you on track

Customized nutrition advice to fuel your workouts and optimize results

Improved strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall health

Performance Based Registered Massage Therapy at The Holistic Move
is a cheat code to return stronger to your sport

Hey, I’m Tim Wong

Hey, I’m Tim Wong RMT
I’m a Registered Massage Therapist, Movement Coach, and Personal Trainer. 
I’ve been treating and resolving the injuries, aches and pains of Toronto’s athletic community for the last 10 years.
I’ve helped hundreds of Torontonians aim towards life-time personal bests, dominate at their sport, without sacrificing their long term health and wellness.
But it wasn’t always like that… 
I’ve been through my share of injuries and went to many therapists experiencing relief but without receiving any longer lasting solutions. 
I went through it all:
The trying everything I could find on the internet and social media
The costly and time-wasting treatments
The lack of results and loss of hope
I wanted to throw in the towel and stop my goals of competing at a high level in Weightlifting and Soccer

Maybe you can relate?

Let me help you fast track your road to recovery.
I use some of the best Massage Therapy techniques that I've learned over my life

Providing you solutions to…

Toronto massage

The Process I use when treating People in Toronto with Massage Therapy

The Holistic Move Sports Massage Toronto provides:
Integrative approach to identifying the root problem, effective correctional strategies, and producing long-lasting results. 
Book an appointment, experience the best treatment, leave feeling like a better version of yourself.  

Here’s how it works:

Stage 1:
Find the Real Cause of your issue

I’ll take you through a comprehensive biomechanical and identify the source of your problem. Then I’ll explain the steps that’s needed to get you back on track towards reaching your fitness goals and doing the things you enjoy. 

Stage 2:
Resolve your problem

I’ll develop a tailored strategic plan designed specifically to you and your goals. This plan will allow you to become more physically resilient, pain-free, and quickly get back to your favourite activity effectively and efficiently. 

Stage 3:
Achieve Peak Performance

Once your issues are resolved and you are moving efficiently without any pain or discomfort, I will implement exercise and therapeutic strategies to help solidify our results and to avoid future relapses of your issue. Consider this our method of “bulletproofing” your body against future wear and tear in your sport and daily life. 

4 Types of Problems that the Holistic Move Personal Training addresses

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Lack of Progress

Many individuals struggle to see significant progress in their fitness journey due to improper workout techniques, inefficient training methods, or lack of consistency. Personal training can address these issues by providing structured and tailored workout plans for optimal results.

Result driven Personal Training Toronto

Lack of Motivation

Staying motivated to exercise regularly can be challenging, especially when faced with obstacles or plateaus. Personal trainers provide the necessary motivation, accountability, and support to keep you inspired and committed to your fitness goals.

Top Rated Personal Training Toronto

Plateaued Performance

If you’ve reached a plateau in your fitness progress, it may be due to a lack of variety or challenge in your workouts. Personal training introduces new exercises, training techniques, and progressive overload to break through plateaus and continuously improve performance.

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Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Personal trainers are knowledgeable about proper form, technique, and injury prevention strategies. They can help you train safely and develop exercises that strengthen weak areas, rehabilitate injuries, and improve overall body mechanics.

The quality of your health rests in your hands.
Let’s begin a plan today to improve yours.

4 Types of Personal Training Protocols that we utilize at the Holistic Move

Mobility Training

Our personal training program includes dedicated mobility training to improve your range of motion, flexibility, and joint mobility. Through targeted exercises and stretches, we’ll help you enhance your overall mobility, allowing for better movement, reduced risk of injuries, and improved performance in your workouts and daily activities.

Movement Coaching

Movement coaching is an integral part of our personal training approach. We’ll guide you in mastering proper movement patterns and techniques for various exercises, ensuring optimal form and alignment. By focusing on correct movement mechanics, you’ll enhance muscle activation, prevent muscle imbalances, and minimize the risk of injuries, leading to more efficient and effective workouts.

Progressive Overload

Your personal trainer will incorporate the principle of progressive overload into your training program. This approach involves gradually increasing the challenge, intensity, or workload of your exercises over time. By progressively overloading your muscles, you’ll stimulate growth, strength gains, and improved overall fitness. Your trainer will carefully monitor your progress and adjust your program to ensure you continue to make consistent gains.

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is a key focus of our personal training sessions. We’ll provide guidance on proper warm-up routines, exercise modifications, and techniques to minimize the risk of injuries during your workouts. Additionally, we’ll work on strengthening supporting muscles and addressing any imbalances or weaknesses to enhance joint stability and prevent injuries associated with physical activities.

The quality of your health rests in your hands.
Let’s begin a plan today to improve yours.

Results you deserve

Treatments at the Holistic Move are Covered by All insurance companies.

You have nothing to lose. Just make an appointment and lets get you back to your best

What’s holding you back from finally dealing with your discomfort ? Book today or risk missing out on achieving your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency of personal training sessions depends on your goals, availability, and budget. Generally, 2-3 sessions per week are recommended for optimal results. Your personal trainer will work with you to create a schedule that fits your needs.

Personal training can be tailored to accommodate individuals of all fitness levels, including beginners. Your personal trainer will design a program that suits your current fitness level and gradually progresses as you build strength and endurance.

Yes, personal training can be an effective tool for weight loss. Your personal trainer will develop a comprehensive fitness plan that includes cardio exercises, strength training, and nutritional guidance to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Our personal trainers are certified professionals with extensive experience in the fitness industry. They hold recognized certifications and are continually updating their knowledge to provide you with the highest quality training.

Our personal training sessions is 1 hour long. 

Yes, The Holistic Move offers remote or online personal training options to accommodate your needs and preferences. Virtual sessions allow you to receive personalized guidance and support from the comfort of your own space.

I work with people from all walks of life! From the weekend warrior to the seasoned athlete, I will always find the most effective way for everyone to find success in meeting their goals.

There are many reasons to choose Personal Training at the Holistic Move in Toronto. Tim is a highly skilled and experienced RMT who focuses on coaching athletes and active people. Whether you are a runner, a soccer player or a power-lifter, Tim has strategies and protocols to help you perform at your peak. Whether you’re looking for to lose weight or gain muscle, Tim can help you reach your personal best.

The Holistic Move | Tim Wong | Toronto Massage Therapy, Personal Training & Alternative Medicine is located at 80 Bloor St. W. Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, M5S2V1. 

We are open Tuesday: 12:00 – 20:00, Wednesday: 15:00 – 20:00, Thursday: 12:00 – 20:00.

For additional questions, you can call us at (647) 955-6336.

Driving Directions to The Holistic Move Massage Therapy


From Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) head west and keep right at the Y junction, follow signs for ON-409/ON-401/ON-427. Now follow ON-409 E, ON-401 E and Allen Rd to York, Toronto and turn left toward Allen Rd N. Then continue onto Allen Rd N and merge with Eglinton Ave W. Next, turn right onto Menin Rd and turn left onto Dewbourne Ave. After that, turn right at the 1st cross street onto Glen Cedar Rd and turn left onto Ava Rd. Now turn right onto Bathurst St and turn left onto Davenport Rd. Then turn right onto Spadina Rd. Finally, turn left onto Bloor St W and The Holistic Move | Tim Wong | Toronto Massage Therapy will be on the left.