Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to come in for treatment, but I have particular issues. Which type of service do you recommend?

A: I often hear from my patients that they have tried nearly everything to resolve their issues or meet their fitness goals. Since every case is unique, this is why I have an initial assessment appointment for first timer visitors. It allows me to understand the problem better, ask the proper questions, and recommend the best treatment for your needs.

Q: What is the price for a Massage Session at your clinic?

A: Prices and my availability can be found on my Massage online booking calendar

Q: What type of personal training clients do you work with?

A: I work with people from all walks of life! From the weekend warrior to the seasoned athlete, I will always find the most effective way for everyone to find success in meeting their goals.

Q: Does fascial stretch therapy hurt?

A: No! These full body stretches are performed above the minimum requirement for improvement and just below the level of discomfort.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept at your RMT clinic?

A: I accept Cash, Debit, Credit (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), and e-transfer.
By request, direct billing is also available for those with extended health benefits.
In all cases except personal training services, an RMT receipt will be issued after each visit.

Q: Do I have to tip?

A: No, my clinic practice is geared more towards therapeutic care rather than a spa so a tip is not required. Referring me to your friends and family is the most appreciated form of a tip. If your experience is spectacular, consider giving me a great review!

Q: Can I use my health benefits for Massage Treatments at your Clinic? Do you direct bill for Massage Services?

A: Yes. If you have remaining coverage for Registered Massage Therapy, you will be issued a RMT receipt upon payment that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. In some cases, a Doctor’s note may be required – Contact your insurance company for details. We are not direct billing for Massage Therapy at the moment.

Q: Do you take walk-ins in your Clinic?

A: Unfortunately, no. My schedule is frequently booked up weeks in advance. I recommend booking an appointment ahead of time using my online booking system.

Q: Do you offer Couples Massage?

A: No, Unfortunately our Massage Clinic is not equipped for Couples Massage, We do best with patients interested in improving their performance athletically

Q: Why Choose the Holistic Move for your treatment?

A: There are many reasons to work with Tim at the Holistic Move. Tim is a highly skilled and experienced RMT who focuses on treating athletes and active people. Whether you are a runner, a soccer player or a power-lifter, Tim has techniques and protocols to help you perform at your peak. Whether you’re looking for a deeply relaxing treatment or a profound therapeutic experience, or if your goal is to get ready for the next Marathon or Triathlon, Tim can help you reach your personal best.

Q: What types of Massage Therapy do you offer?

A: I have experience in several different types of Massage Techniques including deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy, Fascial stretching, Neurokinetic therapy and corrective exercise


Q: Is Massage for Back Pain effective?

There is evidence that massage may be helpful for back pain. In one study, people who received massage therapy for back pain had better results than people who did not receive massage therapy. In my practice I have helped hundred of people relieve their back pain quickly.

Q: Are you a massage spa?

No, We are located inside a gym and work with active and athletic patients looking to improve their overall performance.